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About Us

Our Mission

As a social enterprise, our purpose is to drive the uplifting of Africa's "missing middle" by providing robust support to growth-oriented & opportunity-driven entrepreneurs to enable them successfully build small and medium businesses that can contribute to the improvement of their local economies.


Our Vision

To be the foremost small business support organisation in Africa.


Our Goal

Support 10,000 businesses by 2030 through our:

  • Small Business Support Network: Our support community for African micro & small business owners who are building owner-independent businesses that are well-structured, impactful and profitable.

  • Initiatives:  Various projects aimed at supporting small businesses to overcome common barriers to business growth such as access to market and trusted expert advice.

  • Growth Fund: A percentage of our profit from our merchandise sale is pooled into a fund from which we provide micro & small businesses with financial grants to support growth.

Our Impact So Far: