3-Month Coaching Terms & Conditions


    Coach Name: Stephanie Anyamele (the "Coach")

    Sessions: 6 sessions (5 x 90 minutes, 1 x 45 minutes)

    Fees: N150,000 + testimonials

    Schedule: Once a fortnight (Book sessions via link provided



2.1 The initial coaching term is 6 sessions within a 3-month period

2.2 The sessions will primarily be conducted via Zoom

2.3 Payment is to be made via our website.




3.1  The Company will provide the Coaching Sessions through the Coach

3.2  The Company will provide coaching that is a professional client relationship desIgned to facilitate

       the creation and development of business goals and to develop and carry out a strategy/plan for

       moving towards those goals.

3.3  E-mails and WhatsApp messages are welcome before and after sessions if you would like to

       share a success, have urgent questions or an issue you'd like some quick insight into.




4.1  You agree to pay the Company the Fees as set out on the website

4.2  You agree to be available for all sessions at the specified times.

4.3  You agree to be honest and open, to believe in your idea/business self and to adopt an attitude

       of positivity and enthusiasm. You are truly committed to moving your business to its next level.


5.1  You enter this coaching engagement with the full understanding that You are solely responsible

       for creating your own results. You understand that failure to meet your goals (in whole or part)

       cannot be guaranteed and no warranties are given.



6.1  The session agenda is primarily informed by the expected outcomes of the service as well as your

       pace of progress. If a session is not heading in the direction you would like, if the Coach says

       anything you don’t feel comfortable with or if you have a concern with the way the sessions are

       proceeding, you will let the coach know immediately.




7.1  Any notes the Coach makes during the session or about You/Your Business are kept confidential.

7.2  The Coach will not use or disclose the information You share with them during Your sessions,

       except as authorised by You or required by law.

7.3  You understand that on occasion the Company may anonymously share generalised information

       for training and consultation purposes with other Coaching professionals. Your identity and any           information that could lead to You identification will remain entirely confidential.


8.    ADMIN

8.1  Where it is necessary for either You or the Coach to reschedule a session, this will be done by

       phone/email at least 24 hours before the scheduled session.

8.2  You will forfeit any missed sessions which are not rescheduled in accordance with these terms &


8.3  If you are late for a session, the Session will still complete at the scheduled time.



9.1  You or the Company may cancel your coaching engagement (by email), giving at least 7 days’


9.2  In the unlikely event that your coaching engagement is cancelled before all the agreed sessions

       have been provided, you will NOT be refunded. Instead, the Company will issue you a voucher

       with the value of the remaining sessions to be redeemed against other products/services of your

       choice offered by the Company for use within the following 3-month period.

9.3  Upon termination of these terms & conditions the Company shall immediately cease to be liable

       to You in respect of the coaching sessions.


10.1 In the event of You choosing to feel mental, physical or emotional distress (or related ailment or

        condition) which You believe to be related either directly or indirectly to coaching sessions You            will not hold the Company liable for any loss  or cost incurred by you (or any person related to

        You). You will indemnify the Company in the event of any such claim.

10.2 Except as expressly set out in these terms & conditions, the Company will have no liability to

        You. These terms & conditions reflects the entire agreement and understanding between You 

        and the Company regarding the matters in these terms & conditions.

Abuja, Nigeria

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