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A ‘When and How’ Guide To Offering Your Product or Service For Free.

When starting out in your new business, you’re eager to make sales and get cash into the business but it’s quite tough when people aren’t familiar with your brand/product/service just yet. I remember this being my dilemma when I first started my professional coaching business and I struggled with giving away my expertise for free but in business, you’ll learn that many times you have to give in order to get. Of course, you don’t want to be used and abused by people who think you’re desperate or cheap so how can you strike the balance? When is is okay to sell for ‘free’ and what are some of best ways to do this? As a marketing strategy. As tempting as it is to believe that when you set up a b

4 Simple Tests To Help You Decide If Your Business Idea Will Work.

You have a great business idea and everyone seems to agree but many entrepreneurs can attest to the fact that just because your closest friends and family have said, “Wow, this idea is so needed!”or, “Good job, this sounds great!” doesn’t mean it necessarily stands a chance in the market. For one, it is unlikely they’d actually be your paying customers. So how do you know your idea will work? How can you attest to its commercial viability? An investor may leave clues, a bank manager might make suggestions and your estimations might be promising but in reality, these are all a gamble. Starting a business is a gamble, anyway… Only you can truly say whether an idea will work or not – after all

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