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For Effective Client Testimonials, Ask These 5 Questions.

You may tell others how your great you and your business are but without effective testimonials, you’ll sound like an empty barrel. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to tell Servicepreneurs to collect testimonials once done with a project. They tell me “oh but my client loved my work!” to which I respond, “where’s the documented proof?” Back in my auditing days, we used to say that if something wasn’t documented, then it wasn’t done. That’s the same with testimonials: if you don’t collect them, then you may just as well not have done the work. To be clear, it’s not about collecting testimonials for the sake of it - they have to be EFFECTIVE. Ask these questions to your clients for e

You Need To Know Your Customer Profile.

If you don't know who you're selling to, how do you know what to sell? When you're in business, you must understand that your customers have a strong influence on how far you can go especially if you're based in the kind of industry where the customer's buying power is strong i.e. they can drive your prices down or easily switch to your competitors at no cost to them. This is where being able to win the loyalty of your customers becomes a necessity. Winning the loyalty of your customers is easy once you invest time in developing a strategy for ensuring your service to them is unrivalled, from service delivery to after-sales care. But before attempting to become the preferred choice of your c

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