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Your Business & The Storms - An Accountant's Advice

By Jovita Majodemu The other day someone asked why I was so calm and seemingly unflappable in these crazy COVID times. I smiled. Am I concerned? Of course I am. But you see, when you decide to venture into business, it would be remiss and even naïve to think that it will always be rosy. As a matter of fact, if you are truly doing business, then you must know that it is a constant battle. Agitations, tantrums and nervous breakdowns don’t help you through. The calm helps you assess and make the important next steps. Understanding that the environment of business is flux filled, discerning business owners conserve as much as they can when the going is good, because there will be times when the

How To Plan For The Uncertain Future Of Your Business.

By Stephanie Anyamele The pandemic has been a nerve-wracking experience for everybody, especially small business owners who have now found themselves with little to no cash inflow from sales, tough decisions on employee management and concerns of what a post-coronavirus world would actually look like. While it’s easy to dwell on the uncertainty of right now and allow oneself to enter panic mode (this doesn’t help FYI!), the fact is: it is the companies that take this opportunity to push forward and explore new ideas that will be the winners once the lockdowns are lifted and the economy starts to bounce back. When so much is unclear and unsure, the best way to plan for the future is to try th

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