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What Can We Do For You?


Sometimes you just need to talk through an idea with someone impartial.

Together we can go through your idea or problem and I can offer you my thoughts and some guidance on how to proceed.


You have a great idea, you've done some initial research but now need to starting getting your hands dirty.

We can help bring some structure to those early days by guiding you through some tried and tested workshops to start putting together your plans and strategies.

I can help small businesses that have been trading for a while but have hit a brick wall with moving forward.

With either the basic or intensive sessions together we can work out where you've got stuck and how to make more sales again.


Our Coaching Packages

Brainstorm Your Ideas & Ask Questions

Twelve weeks of one on one calls to ask any business questions and brainstorm your ideas.

This package is ideal if you already know what it is you’re looking to achieve and have your plan but just need someone else to brainstorm ideas with or ask business questions.

Either bought as a package or individually, these coaching sessions will give you the time to ask those burning questions and get someone else’s opinion on what you’re working on.

Clients often use these sessions to test out new ideas and get feedback. They are also perfectly suited if you have a list of questions that you want to work through.

These 45-minute sessions can be booked however you wish but ideally, you will want them weekly.

12 Weeks of Structured Support + Accountability

Four weeks of workshops and then eight weeks of weeks of support, coaching and accountability.

If you know you are going to want a lot of help getting your business of the ground then the intensive package is for you.

This is a 12-week program that guides you through developing the fundamental tools for your business as well as embedding a clear and well-defined structure. 

With structured one-to-one meetings, workshops, workbooks and regular check-ins, you will stay on track whilst growing your business.




Meet The Coach

Hi there! I'm Stephanie Anyamele, the founder of What Next, Coach?


I'm a Chartered Accountant & SME Coach-Consultant with over 7 years experience in financial auditing, operations advisory and business strategy. I also run a  management consulting firm, Charles Ardor & Company.

So far, I have worked with over 100 SMEs in Nigeria - through masterclasses, workshops, business clinics, coaching programmes and bespoke consulting projects. My work and contributions have been recognised by institutions such as She Leads Africa, Business Day NG, LSETF & SWEC By Adosser Bank.


I'm very passionate about supporting business owners in Africa to create structure, maximise time and experience freedom and fulfilment.

Abuja, Nigeria

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