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About The Small Business Cash Book


The Small Business Cash Book Excel template is most useful for small businesses who want to start their bookkeeping but are on a tight budget without funds to pay the monthly subscription costs for online bookkeeping software or a professional accountant.


This Cash Book will help you:

  • track and monitor income and expenses

  • view your profit or loss result as a report


It also houses a Balance Sheet so you can track assets and liabilities including:

  • accounts receivable totals

  • accounts payable totals

  • inventory totals

  • depreciation

  • loans and loan repayments

  • owner's equity

You'll. have access to tutorial videos on how to use the Cash Book, as well BONUS templates for Petty Cash Log & Slips, Accounts Receivables Ledger, Accounts Payable Ledger & Inventory Tracker.

NB. This workbook has been created for What Next, Coach? by our partner Charles Ardor & Company

Template Overview