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Hi there!


I started WNC with one mission - to help people. Over the years, it evolved into me specifically helping small business owners grow their businesses into profitable ventures that don't drain the life out of them.

I fell in love with helping small businesses while I was still a financial auditor in the UK, at one of the "Big 4" Global Professional Services firms. As part of the company's corporate social responsibility, they ran initiatives that involved helping smaller local businesses and I really enjoyed volunteering to work with them asides my main job.

I soon realised I had not only the skills but also enjoyed a sense of fulfillment from seeing the impact my time and expertise had on growing their business and also improving the business owner's mindset. And so my journey began - I left my corporate career in December 2016, after 5 years, to blindly experiment with a new, unstructured career path which started out as a journey of self rediscovery and finding a sense of purpose beyond the rat race.

Since then, I continue to use my skills as a financial management consultant, chartered accountant & business coach to serve micro, small & medium enterprises (MSME) - particularly in Nigeria and across Africa (eventually!).

I'm pretty proud of what WNC has accomplished over the years including:

  • Supporting 300+ MSMEs till date;

  • 200+ 1:1 Business Coaching sessions;

  • Delivering 40+ workshops & business clinics; and

  • Securing partnerships with over 6 SME Support Organisations

Plus all the data we've gathered and indirect research we've conducted, by virtue of working with this group of entrepreneurs for an extended period of time, positions us excellently to continue to serve them well because we understand their needs explicitly, including the cultural nuances.

Apart from WNC, I run a financial accounting and business consulting firm that helps CEOs of MSMEs & Startups to make smarter business decisions. I also sit as an Independent Non-Executive Director on the board of a SME-focused Financing Company in Lagos, Nigeria.

For me, this is not just a career - it's a calling! I couldn't honestly imagine treading a different path.