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What is Retail Business Manager by mima?

Retail Business Manager by mima ("mimaRBM") is an all-in-one simple and effective solution that automates invoicing + inventory + accounting for managing your small to mid-sized product retail & wholesale businesses.

How can this tool benefit my business?

Using mimaRBM will provide you with the right data to answer these 5 key questions about your business performance, within 5 minutes:

  • “What is our current inventory level?”

  • “Which products are low in inventory?”

  • ‘Which products are selling well and which products are not?”

  • “What is our profit/loss?”

  • “Who are our best customers and suppliers?”

What does the tool look like?

mimaRBM is a downloadable Excel-based tool (also available on Google Sheets, if you prefer a cloud-based version). The video below gives you an overview of its features:

Will mimaRBM work for my business?

If you run a retail or wholesale business where you buy products from your suppliers and then sell them to customers with a margin, then mimabyRBM will serve you very well as a tool to track your business in an effective way.

How much does mimaRBM cost?

Until the 19th September 2022, the mimaRBM tool is available for one-off purchase at the introductory price of ₦16,125 | $30 | £25. Afterwards, the full price of you pay ₦21,500 | $40 | £30.

You can also choose to purchase the tool with 1:1 Unlimited Support for 30 Days (Terms & Conditions apply), as a bundle at the introductory price of ₦32,250 | $60 | £50, for assistance with your initial-set up plus on-demand. Afterwards, you pay the full price of ₦43,000 | $80 | £60.


NB. The pricing is same regardless of whether you purchase the excel or google sheets version.

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