Ready-For-Growth Bootcamp (RFGB)

About The Programme

RFG is a 1-day training workshop to assist growth-oriented entrepreneurs to start the process of growing their business, using participative training techniques.


Key Topics:

  • Understanding Growth and the Barriers to Growth

  • Going for Growth

  • Growth Strategies

  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  • The Marketing Strategic Process

  • Monitoring and Managing Growth


Key Outcomes:

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities of growth

  • Identify potential barriers to growth and strategies to overcome these barriers

  • Understand how to plan for and to manage growth

  • Explore their potential business’ growth strategies

  • Identify new opportunities for sustainable growth

  • Develop a mini action plans for growth


Core components:

1-day online programme. Includes:​

  • Live group session

  • Peer networking

  • 10% discount off Business Expansion Programme


Investment: FREE


NB. Programme runs in the months of March, June, September & December.