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For Effective Client Testimonials, Ask These 5 Questions.

You may tell others how your great you and your business are but without effective testimonials, you’ll sound like an empty barrel.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to tell Servicepreneurs to collect testimonials once done with a project. They tell me “oh but my client loved my work!” to which I respond, “where’s the documented proof?”

Back in my auditing days, we used to say that if something wasn’t documented, then it wasn’t done. That’s the same with testimonials: if you don’t collect them, then you may just as well not have done the work.

To be clear, it’s not about collecting testimonials for the sake of it - they have to be EFFECTIVE.

Ask these questions to your clients for effective testimonials you can use on websites, social media and other marketing collateral:

  • What was the problem you were having before working with me/is?

  • What did the frustration feel like?

  • What was different about working with me/us?

  • When did you realise I/we would be the best people to help with your problem?

  • Since engaging with my/our service(s), how has life been different for you?

These questions can be asked verbally and recorded as audio/video with client’s permission or sent as a questionnaire to get written answers. Of course, you can tailor these to your specific situation and add other measures you want to capture but don’t aim to just get powerless one-liners but rather mini case-studies.

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