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Meet Your Strategy Coach: Ella George-Uduku

Join us in welcoming, the last but not in any way the least of our new coaches, Ella George whose expertise is Strategy.

Ella, also known as The Bridge-Builder, is a strengths-based business strategy consultant and the current Managing Partner at HillBridge Consulting. She provides consulting and advisory services to visionary entrepreneurs and helps businesses develop superior strategies to increase their revenues and profits.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family exposed her to business and the factors affecting its success. After her first degree, her professional path has run through banking and financial and management consulting. She makes it her business to help business owners tackle their biggest challenges and achieve higher levels of performance. Because Ella recognizes that no two businesses or business owners are the same, and that no single approach can solve everyone’s challenges, she developed a unique way of integrating a company’s strengths and experiences with their strategy, so execution becomes easy. As a result, her clients typically achieve anywhere from 50-300% increase in revenues within 12 months.

Despite having her first degree in Management Information System and an MBA with concentration in Strategy, Ella believes asking the right questions, listening and paying attention to details are her key success factors. She is genuinely interested in helping entrepreneurs realize their aspirations and build lasting success; this is her life's mission and purpose.

Ella loves traveling the world, meeting new people and learning about other cultures. She is happily married with 2 young boys and lives with her family in Lagos Nigeria, from where she serves clients across the world.

If it's direction & clarity you've been seeking, look no further because Queen of Business Strategy is here for us!

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Abuja, Nigeria

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