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Meet Your Technology Coach: Damilola Anwo-Ade

Join us in welcoming one of our new coaches Damilola Anwo-Ade whose area of expertise is Technology!

She is an award-winning ICT4D professional and digital Coach. She is the Managing Partner of Sprout Digital and Founder of codeIT.

She designs and creates digital structures for the development space, with ‘hands on’, client-facing, project-based experience in the NGO sector.

Her experience includes delivering core ICT projects to successful conclusion and managing ICT networks across different work streams and cultures globally.

For her work as a woman in tech, she was selected as one of five Techwomen who represented Nigeria in Silicon Valley by the U.S. Department of State in 2017. She received presidential praise in 2018 by President Muhammadu Buhari during the African Youth Conference on Anti-Corruption hosted by Nigeria and the African Union for her work in grooming Nigerian children, especially girls on coding.

For all your tech questions & challenges, Coach Dami is here to help us navigate them!

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Abuja, Nigeria

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